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Joy is not in things, it's in us.
--Richard Wagner

Life Coaching - Individual/Group Coaching

Reconnect to your joy and your passion!

Get individual coaching or set up a time for your group.

Life's too short to bury your potential!

  • Rediscover your smile

  • Find the real you

  • Start living authentically

  • Retrain your mind for success

  • Let go of limitations

Contact me to set up a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if Life Coaching works for you!

Yoga/Meditation Classes

Yoga changed my life. Meditation changed my thoughts. I learned to stop giving a shit what people think about me. This miracle can also be yours!

  • Be happy in your body

  • Practice mindful movements

  • Find joy in being alive

  • Laugh out loud

 Yoga or meditation classes can be scheduled for work groups, parties,  individuals or anything else that could use some yoga (basically, everything).

Improv Workshops

Improv is scary, but it's also exhilarating! 

I hold improv workshops for families, work teams, sports teams or any other dysfunctional group of people. 

  • Find your voice

  • Increase confidence

  • Fail proudly

  • Laugh out loud

  • Learn the 5 improv techniques that allow you to live strong!

Inspirational Speaker

Speaking on positivity, connection, purpose, passion and love, I guide your group toward living a meaningful life through:

  • Inspiration

  • Storytelling

  • Positive Messaging

  • Humor

Humor  & Writing Workshops

Whether you're looking to add humor to your journaling or blogging, or writing the next best-selling novel, humor writing is a great way to add levity and fun to your writing. Schedule a session for you or a workshop for your group.

  • Find your voice

  • Learn writing structure

  • Practice the art of humor writing

  • Learn humor writing techniques

Contact Me

Schedule a time for me to work with you or your group .

I'm excited to work with you!

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