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What's stuck in your trunk? How limiting beliefs destroy you

I walk my dog every morning, hoping to keep at least one of us sane. The other day, I was walking in the park near a chain-link fence. I noticed a tree had leaned into the fence for so long, it actually grew around the fence with chain link running through the center of its trunk.

I'm not saying that trees feel pain or emotion (but they do), but it looked painful to have a chain-link fence growing through its center.

But we do that all the time. We embrace things that continue to hurt us like bad relationships, shitty jobs, crappy friendships, and dysfunctional family dinners. We wrap ourselves around these destructive situations and hold on for dear life.

We also believe all the bad things that have ever been said about us. When your first-grade teacher called you lazy, or your former best friend said you were too awkward to hang out with, we take those words and let them grow through our center until they become a part of us.

It's painful. But we learn to live with the pain.

Obviously, the tree couldn't stop itself from growing into the fence any more than we can un-hear awful things that were said to us. You can have a tree surgeon remove the chain-link from the center of that tree, but it will take time, expense and might call for removing part of the trunk.

It's the same with us. We sometimes need help, not only to realize we have a chain-link fence growing through our ribcage but to help get it out.

By identifying the limiting beliefs that hold you out of joy, comfort, and love, you can start a new journey toward the life you long for. It's not easy. It might even be painful. But once it's removed, you'll feel freedom like never before.

If you're ready to remove those beliefs and start a new life, I'd love to work with you. Reach out at

Peri Kinder is a Happiness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, and Humor Columnist.

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