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A soft start to the new year

I’m not a person who makes resolutions. Those firm decisions don’t leave room for flexibility. I want to be soft and open to joy.

I want to accrue wealth, but not in my bank account. I want the wealth of interesting conversations, developing friendships, learning new skills, trying different restaurants and reading good books.

I want to move more, but not with the intention of making myself smaller. I want to hike through the mountains, wade in the ocean, play with my grandkids, take long walks with my dog, dance in public, practice yoga, snuggle with my husband and take risks that make my heart beat faster.

I want to be silly. I want to laugh more, watch funny TV shows, make bad puns, eat more cookies, tell knock-knock jokes, go to comedy shows, play games and invite friends over, even when the house is messy. I want to joyfully sing in my car, even when other drivers can see me.

I want to rest more. I want to sit in stillness, look at the stars, meditate, take naps, watch the clouds, appreciate the moment, drink wine, listen more intently and surrender to the love all around me.

I want to live in gratitude. I want to help a stranger, enjoy a sunrise, hug my dad, plant a tree, tell my daughters I’m proud of them, let my grandkids know I love them, tell my husband I appreciate him and not take a single heartbeat for granted.

At the end of the year, I want to look back at all the people I loved, all the times I laughed, all the times I chose compassion and all the life I lived. And I’ll do it again next year.

Originally published in the Davis Journal

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