Life & Laughter Podcast

Each choice we make moves us toward fear or love. On my Life & Laughter podcast, we’ll talk about those choices and learn how to attract more love and connection - and laughter.

In my first episode, I talk with my husband (veteran journalist and editor Tom Haraldsen) about how busy-ness addiction moves us toward fear - and away from love. We discuss the signs you might be addicted to being busy and talk about some tips to help you slow down.

Villa Leadership CEO and Founder Merrilee Buchanan joins me to discuss Imposter Syndrome. What is it? Who has it? Or, the better question, Who doesn't have it?

Merrilee works with women worldwide to help them step up as leaders, and teaches men and women to create a healthy work environment where everyone can succeed. Check out Villa Leadership.  Enjoy this conversation and share it with all your friends! 

My daughter Kelsee Tia joins me on my Life & Laughter podcast to discuss the evolution of working moms. How can women change the conversation and how can men help us create a better partnership? Check out this great episode and share it with your friends!