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A joyful approach to reaching life's goals

About Me

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Peri Kinder is a Happiness Coach, Martha Beck certified Wayfinder Life Coach, award-winning humor writer, certified yoga and meditation instructor, inspirational speaker and the mother of four daughters.

As the owner of Life & Laughter Coaching, she works with clients one-on-one, or with groups, to help them reconnect to their joy and purpose.

Peri teaches yoga and meditation workshops and conducts improv team-building classes to help clients find their laughter and their voice.

She also offers humor writing workshops to help others tell their stories with laughter.

Peri is steadily working to bring back joy, one smile at a time.



Happiness Coaching

As a Martha Beck certified Wayfinder Life coach, I offer individual or group coaching to help you reconnect to your happiness, passion and purpose.


As a certified yoga instructor, I teach yoga and meditation classes that allow you to honor your body - and laugh!

Improv Team Building

Improv team building teaches you how to work better as a group and how to tap into your creativity. 

Motivational Speaking

Speaking on happiness, positivity, connection, purpose and passion, I inspire your group to enjoy happy lives.

Humor & Writing Coach

Attending or scheduling a humor writing workshop for your group is a fun way to bring life to your writing.



"Peri led our 'C' Team in Improv/Communication training. She was entertaining, straight-forward, and able to keep five very strong personalities working together and on topic.  


Peri uses improv to allow each attendee the opportunity to experience communication in many different ways. Honestly, NO ONE is naturally talented at Improv - it's hard work. This "raw talent" places each participant on level playing ground, setting the scene for vulnerable, hilarious learning.


I would highly recommend Peri for group Improv/Communication training."

--Ashley Clark, CXO E Simplified